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What parents and teachers say about Sound School

Sound School is passionate about providing children with evidence based best practice in a creative and interactive way. We enable children to learn what they love and love what they learn!

Briony L, Parent

"This book is absolutely fantastic. It has helped my son learn his sounds in an enjoyable way. The characters in the book are fantastic and help the children to relate to the sound."

Adina N, Parent

Thank you for creating Sound School. Both my children love all the characters! My son learnt letter sound correspondence in kindergarten from your book alone. The interactive buttons make it all the more fun!’

Lara W, Parent

"The letter Sound Book has been incredible for both my son who is 4 and my daughter who is 2. They adore all the characters and pressing the buttons on the book. The cards that come with it allow the kids to create a game with the sounds and love competing on who can say the sound first. We have only had the book for a short time and my kids almost know all the initial sounds of the alphabet. Soon we will transition the characters into the letters with the cards."

Lee C, Parent

I can’t speak highly enough of this book!! Not only is it an amazing tool for teaching sounds, but my kids (who are the most honest critics) absolutely love it. I ended up having to buy 2 because they would fight over it. Children learn best when they enjoy what they’re doing so I’m very grateful for Sound School

Rita K, Parent

"I have to tell you how much Sound School has done for Luke. Without it, I really don’t think we would have started to encourage him to read so much ( I feel like I started reading in prep at 5 years old, not 2.5 years old like Luke when we started Sound School."

Keren R, Parent

My daughter in grade one has made the most incredible progress both with her reading and writing and with her pronunciation of sounds. It is all thanks to Sound School that she no longer struggles in the classroom. She absolutely loves the story book and all the characters

Hayley T, Teacher

"A group of Prep students at The King David School have been most fortunate to have been taught with the assistance of the Sound School resources.

The interactive Sound Book is bright and colourfuland sound characters are introduced in a clear and simple way. The students have enjoyed the short stories which has captured their attention from start to finish. They have benefited from the concise demonstration of how to make the sound correctly and have especially enjoyed pressing the buttons in order to reinforce correctly hearing the sound produced.

The Character/Letter cards have formed a very strong visual to further assist students with making a connection between the book character and being able to connect and transfer it with the sound they make. Although we use the Sassoon font at our school, we have been able to easily adapt the program accordingly.

Vowels are introduced early on in the book, making it possible for students to start blending basic consonant vowel consonant words.

I would highly recommend the Sound School resources particularly to children in kinder and those in Prep."

Karen K, Parent

"By the time my daughter finished senior kinder she was aware of most of the letters of the alphabet (capitals, not lower case) as this is what I believed would stand her in good stead when she began to learn how to read & write in Prep.

It wasn’t until my daughter began speech therapy sessions at Learning Link group and Robyn introduced us to the Sound School program that I understood the crucial importance of letter to sound in the development of early literacy skills. The sound school book along with the whole program itself has had a major positive impact in teaching my daughter how to read and write by giving her important visual cues. Additionally, her letter reversals are almost non existent now, for example ‘b’ & ‘d’ as a result.

The Sound School book is cleverly designed in a way that the child doesn’t even realise they are learning. My younger daughter also loves reading along with us and has subsequently learned quite a few of her letter to sounds already.

This is most certainly a book that I would recommend to all children beginning their literacy journey to ensure an enjoyable and successful ride. I’m so thankful that I discovered it, if not, we would have been in a very different situation."

Rita K, Parent

I cant tell you what a difference your book has already made Romi. Every time we talk about words and what sound they start with, he thinks of the Sound School Character.

When I took him to kinder orientation before he turned three, teacher asked me to write my name on a list. Luke watched me and said ‘ that’s not how you spell your name mummy. It is “M…U…M”. The teacher was really shocked!

Thank you so much, we love Sound School

Tegan J, Parent

With my daughter getting closer to school age, it had me thinking about her education and whether I had done enough with her to ensure she has the best start to her school years. We have recently started to use the Sound School book together, which is a fantastic tool to help preschool aged children learn their letters and sounds in a fun and interactive way.

As we read about each of the Sound School characters, my daughter loves to press their matching button on the keyboard and copy the sound the letter makes. I can see her learning and taking it all in each time we use the book and I can't wait to watch her progress as we continue to enjoy our Sound School book together!